Today, a beacon of South Indian grandeur and pride, but Chamundi Silks had modest beginnings. The late Alagappa Chettiarwho back then started out as, as a banker set off on a beaten path to manufacture handloom cotton sarees. When the first few years proved to be steady, it inspired him to explore the silk saree industry. And with that, was born Chamundi Silks in 1947

Soon, the mantle fell on Mr. Alagappa Chettiar’s son and daughter-in-law, Mr. Muthiah and Mrs. Valli Muthiah, who by then had charted out on a path to make Chamundi Silks a household name. In early 1953, they set out to Japan to study the dynamics of the silk industry. From silk production to technology in dyeing and printing, they learnt about the best practices used across some of the most sophisticated silk facilities around the world. With this enriched experience, Chamundi Silks surged ahead, becoming a leading name in the manufacture of pure silk sarees and fabrics.

The Founders

Mr. Muthaih - Managing Director 
Mrs. ValliMuthiah  - Executive Director 

Having gained the know-how from Japan, Mr. and Mrs. Muthiah ventured into producing Kimono fabrics in the 1960s. At the time, Chamundi Silks was the only Indian company to manufacture this premium fabric. Known to be the most luminous and exceptional of weaves, the Kimono fabric was sought by many design houses in Japan - the very country that’s known to produce the best quality. With their unwavering devotion and passion for textiles, Mr. And Mrs. Muthiah continue to  lead Chamundi Silks, making it one of the most reliable and innovative silk manufacturers in  the world.